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Pride radiates through the very core of our identity as a women-owned, BIPOC company. We stand at the intersection of resilience and diversity, weaving a tapestry of strength through the unique experiences and perspectives of our team. Our journey is a testament to the power of breaking barriers, defying stereotypes, and embracing the richness that arises from embracing inclusivity. As trailblazers in our industry, being women-owned and BIPOC-led isn’t just a facet of our identity—it’s a source of immense pride. We celebrate the diversity that fuels our innovation, the strength that propels our success, and the collective voice that shapes our narrative. We don’t just break glass ceilings; we build bridges for others to walk across.

Domonique Quirion-Currie

Head of Partnerships

Nisa Karan-Aravinth

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Subanya Karan

Vice President
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Our team consists of trusted occupational health nurses, engineers, physicians, epidemiologists and safety professionals combined with decades worth of experience in the field, both in private and public sector. 

In the dynamic landscape of occupational health and safety, one name commands unparalleled respect—Cobra Safety. Established  by a visionary leader, Nisa Karan-Aravinth, Cobra Safety swiftly emerged as the beacon of excellence in the consultancy realm. 

From its inception, Cobra Safety set out to redefine the standards of workplace safety, blending innovation with a relentless commitment to ensuring the well-being of every worker. Nisa Karan-Aravinth, with a background enriched in occupational medicine, safety and a passion for transformative change, laid the foundation for what would become an extraordinary journey.

Cobra Safety’s ascent to preeminence was marked by a distinct approach—going beyond the conventional norms of compliance-driven consulting. The firm was not merely a checkbox for regulations; it was a strategic partner, dedicated to cultivating a culture of safety excellence within businesses. This approach resonated with clients who sought more than just solutions; they sought a true ally in the pursuit of a safer work environment.

Cobra Safety became synonymous with foresight. The firm anticipated industry shifts and regulatory changes, positioning itself as a proactive force in the occupational health and safety landscape. This forward-thinking approach not only shielded clients from potential risks but elevated Cobra Safety to a leadership role within the industry.

As the years unfolded, Cobra Safety expanded its influence, becoming a global force in occupational health and safety consultancy. Its impact extended far beyond borders, reaching diverse industries such as manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and technology. The firm’s ability to customize solutions to the unique challenges of each sector cemented its reputation as the go-to consultancy for comprehensive safety strategies.

Innovation became a hallmark of Cobra Safety’s identity. The firm embraced cutting-edge technologies, from AI-driven risk assessments to immersive virtual reality training modules, setting new standards for the industry. This commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements not only distinguished Cobra Safety but also ensured its clients received the most effective and forward-looking solutions.

Behind Cobra Safety’s success stood a team of dedicated professionals united by a shared mission—the relentless pursuit of safer workplaces. The company culture fostered collaboration, continuous learning, and a genuine concern for the welfare of others, creating a cohesive force that propelled Cobra Safety to new heights.

Today, Cobra Safety stands as more than a consultancy firm; it is an embodiment of excellence in occupational health and safety. Cobra Safety’s legacy lives on as it continues to shape the future of workplace well-being, ensuring that businesses not only meet regulatory standards but exceed them, and every worker returns home not just unharmed, but thriving. In the realm of safety consultancy, Cobra Safety isn’t just the best—it’s the standard-bearer for a safer tomorrow.